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In the mobile age, the surplus of devices allow individuals to be connected anywhere, anytime, under any state. Marketers have the opportunity to harness this power to build stronger and valued relationships with their consumers – increasing relevancy in consumers’ lives. But the million dollar question we hear all the time is how?

Marketers who understand the importance of cross-channel marketing are still struggling to utilize these different channels to nurture and grow their consumer relationships. In this post, we’ll explore how marketers should be thinking about context within their omni-channel communication.

click here antibiotic metronidazole over the counter Capitalizing on Context

Each consumer experience with a device is a personal moment that is highly dependent on context. In mobile, every instance consumers pick up their mobile devices to save time (such as sending an email) or to kill time (such as posting to social media) – these personal moments give clues into what they are looking to do, where they are doing it, the mindset they are in, and which resources they turn to.

These moments are not isolated to mobile. Personal moments can be found when vacation planning on a desktop device or watching the nightly news on TV. Whatever those personal moments are, by gaining greater clarity into the context surrounding and feeding those moments, marketers are better able to unravel the complexity of the consumer behaviors they are seeing. With that understanding, marketers can interject themselves to offer value to consumers not only at the right time, but in the right way to share in these personal moments.

click here Identifying the right Personal Moments

One simple example of offering value in the right personal moment is that many major airlines provide customers with text or phone notification updates the day they fly to communicate the status of a flight or supply additional information about upgrade availability. Any other day, or at any other time, airlines reaching out to their customers in this one-to-one medium would seem intrusive and users would be quick to disengage. In this context however, consumers find these interactions, because of the context, to be helpful, or in some cases invaluable.

Embracing moments means more than just targeting consumers: it’s about earning the right to engage with the consumers on their personal devices in the right context. The right strategy can result in a win-win for all.

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