As humans we often look for the easy answer to hard questions. But as marketers we know better than that. There is no clear-cut answer to marketing challenges, as every consumer has his or her own needs, preferences, and habits.

One of those marketing challenges is the question of the mobile app or browser. Do consumers prefer one over the other? Can marketers focus their efforts on whichever is the most important and move the other one down on their ever-expanding list of priorities?

Consumers often claim that they prefer apps over browsers – that’s the easy answer. However, their behavior doesn’t align. Among the top mobile properties, browser and app visitation is nearly identical (59.2% of total unique visitors to the top 30 mobile brands visited via browser vs 60.3% in app) – showing us that there is no clear overall winner between the two.

app v browser

In our latest study, “The New Mobile Mantra,” we find that mobile apps and mobile browsers each have their own clear use case, and they each serve an important purpose to the consumer. Apps are undoubtedly important to the smartphone experience, as over half of smartphone users have an average of 40-70 apps installed on their devices. But it’s important to remember that 61% of smartphone users access their browser at least once a day, spending an average of 31 minutes with it.

Consumers simply can’t download an app for every activity they do with their phones, so which activities tend to fall to apps and which to the browser? Why would consumers choose one over the other? Dive deeper to better understand how to effectively acquire and engage the ever-connected mobile consumer by downloading the full study here.

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