With Father’s Day coming up, you may be wondering what dads like and how best to reach them. It turns out, marketers, too, are sometimes unsure of what to consider in reaching this segment and some may even undervalue the power of dads when it comes to household purchasing, leaning on old (and false) notions that fathers don’t carry much household influence.

Thanks to the annual Connected Life research from partner TNS, we know much more about dads and their day-to-day touchpoints. Dads leverage both traditional and digital media throughout their day. They are more likely to own emerging technologies than the general population, including gaming consoles, fitness bands, smart TVs, and smart watches. Even more so, dads with children under 6 are much more likely to spend a portion of their daily digital device time on tablets.

Dads are also more willing to engage with brands online, particularly across social media platforms. They are more likely to leverage a host of brand-owned assets ranging from branded mobile apps to branded online communities. While dads are most receptive to brands across stereotypical categories such as automotive and technology, fathers of young children also show stronger-than-average brand receptivity in areas such as baby care and food and drink.

So, what’s a brand to do?

Since fatherhood is often an important point of entry for brand relationships, marketers should pay particular attention to their brand-owned assets in the context of their paid media and marketing efforts. Additionally, while dads are best reached across a blend of traditional and digital media, they’re early adopters of new technologies, so brands can consider innovative ways to reach them via platforms such as smart TVs, smart watches and the like. Want to learn more about digital engagement among dads? Download our latest report today. You can also watch the recording of our recent webinar.

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