Can Amazon Prime Day Be Branded a Success?

Webinar Summary

Amazon Prime Day has been the hot topic of the summer. Promised to be the greatest sales event of the year, Amazon received an enormous amount of attention leading up to the promotion. Yet when the day arrived, many consumers expressed their disappointment in the deals Amazon offered. So how can we determine if Prime Day was a success?

Join us for a webinar that will provide insights into the impact of Amazon Prime Day and the implications for brands, manufacturers, and retailers going forward.

Questions answered will include:

  • -What impact did Amazon Prime Day have on driving Amazon Prime engagement and signups?
  • -How did Amazon Prime Day performance compare to other major sales events (such as Black Friday)?
  • -How did Amazon Prime Day impact Amazon’s competitors?
  • -What longer-term considerations and implications does Amazon Prime Day have on brands and retailers?


lincoln merrihew

Lincoln Merrihew

SVP, Client Services

Katie Olaskiewicz

Katie Olaskiewicz

Associate, Financial Services & Retail