The consumer’s path to purchase has become increasingly complex. Technology continues to find innovative ways to reach and influence people at all points of the consumer journey. Now more than ever, brands are looking for ways to deeply understand the path by which consumers discover, consider, purchase and experience a product.

Kantar Millward Brown is committed to helping clients gain a stronger understanding of how to connect and influence consumers as they move from inspiration to action. Today, we are excited to announce our continued partnership with Pinterest to measure advertising resonance on the platform.

Data from our Brand Lift Insights studies has uncovered different ways that brands can optimize their content to build stronger resonance on Pinterest. An aggregate analysis of studies with Pinterest shows that Promoted Videos with cinematic preview were 2x more memorable than other formats. Static Pins featuring how-to content were the most effective drivers of Action Intent. Understanding how different Pins resonate with Pinners can help brands identify more effective ways to connect with consumers and eventually move them down the purchase funnel.

The consumer’s path to purchase is never linear. We are excited to continue partnering with Pinterest to help brands gain a stronger understanding of where Pinterest fits within the consumer purchase journey.

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