New study uncovers consumer behaviors and preferences around mobile application and browser use

Millward Brown Digital, the world’s leading digital expert in helping clients grow great brands, today launched The New Mobile Mantra, a study that examines the current landscape of consumer mobile device use, particularly the preferences for applications (apps) versus browsers, and uncovers a new mantra: Acquire, Engage, Elevate.

To better understand the consumer mobile experience and its implications for marketers, Millward Brown Digital examined the drivers of mobile app and browser preference in media consumption and shopping behavior within the travel, financial services, telecom, and consumer electronics categories. Key findings from the study:

1. Of the 30 most-visited mobile properties, browser and app visitation is nearly identical (59 percent of total unique visitors visited via browser while 60 percent visited via app) demonstrating the importance of both to the consumer experience.

2. Sixty-one percent of consumers access their browser at least once a day, averaging 31 minutes of engagement.

3. While most consumers have between 40 and 70 apps installed on their devices, most use only 6 apps or fewer per day.

4. The task highly influences whether consumers use an app or browser:
>Research and purchase activities favor browser use. When a consumer plans to compare brands or conduct broad research, the browser emerges as the vehicle of choice.
>For many post-purchase servicing activities (such as banking or wireless account management), the consumer is already committed to a specific brand and therefore uses the app created to optimize that engagement.

5. When it comes to engaging with news, consumers rely on both apps and browsers, with the exception of Sports and Business categories, where app preference is likely driven by high publisher brand loyalty.

The results are a call for marketers to understand how consumers access specific content and conduct certain activities. “Mobile is ubiquitous and mobile marketing budgets have transitioned from being an experimental afterthought to very real budget item,” said Margaret Hung, Senior Vice President, Solutions at Millward Brown Digital. “It is critical for marketers to ‘Acquire, Engage, Elevate’ to optimize their investments. Having a clear picture of how consumers are using mobile ensures they can effectively engage consumers today, while continuing to innovate in this still evolving medium.”

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