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BREAKTHROUGH marketing summit brings together leaders & influencers from brands, agencies, and media companies to discuss breakthrough marketing in an evolving, connected world.

AdReaction: The Art of Integration

AdReaction: The Art of Integration, delivers insights to help brands create effective multichannel marketing campaigns. This year’s report examines five principles to help brands create successful integrated and customized campaigns that will avoid the pitfalls of fragmentation and maximize media synergies across channels.

Getting Media Right 2017

In today’s multi-channel, multi-device world, marketers need to holistically plan and measure their marketing efforts to achieve success. Check out our 4th annual Getting Media Right study to explore the perspectives of the industry and learn what it takes to create breakthrough marketing in a connected world.

Media & Digital Predictions 2017

In 2017, successful marketers will innovate to build better brand experiences and connected consumer journeys that are less intrusive, and they will focus on developing engaging content that discourages ad blocking.

AdReaction: Engaging Gen X,Y and Z

Check out our global report featuring data from 39 countries to get a glimpse into the emerging social trends and cultural norms that will help you develop content and plan media for these three key generational groups.

2016 Global Mobile Trends Report

For the second year, the MMA has partnered with Kantar Millward Brown to develop the 2016 Global Mobile Trends Report, a resource to help marketers implement more effective mobile marketing campaigns.

Lessons from the Rio 2016 Olympics

This report evaluates generational consumption of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games and examines the impact of Olympic marketing in terms of both ad spend and creative best practices.

Getting Digital Right 2016

Download our 3rd annual Getting Digital Right study, a look at the current state of marketing in a connected world.

The Digital Life of Dads

This report examines the online behaviors of dads – their device usage, engagement with content, and interaction with brands – and provides practical considerations and best practices for engaging this audience.

The Digital Life of Moms

This report helps marketers and publishers understand the online behaviors of moms, powered by data from TNS’s Connected Life study.

Multiscreen Video Best Practices

We partnered with IAB and Tremor Video on this report to help marketers and publishers understand which aspects of mobile video advertising are most important in reaching and engaging audiences.

Digital & Media Predictions

Millward Brown’s global experts share their digital predictions for 2016 – covering topics from mobile-first marketing, addressable TV advertising, and header bidding to augmented reality, content, and consumer journey marketing.

AdReaction: Video Creative in a Digital World

Millward Brown’s AdReaction Video study explores how, where and why multiscreen users in 42 countries are viewing video, and what marketers need to know to create video that is effective across screens.

The New Mobile Mantra

When it comes to setting your mobile strategy and making the most of your budget, decisions about apps and mobile web are neither obvious nor easy. Download the study to better understand how to effectively acquire and engage the ever-connected mobile consumer.

Getting Digital Right 2015

Getting Digital Right 2015, our 2nd annual look at the state of digital marketing, shows an industry still struggling to overcome the challenges that an evolving digital marketplace creates. Read on to learn what your organization needs to do to get digital right.

Demystifying the Consumer Journey

Marketers routinely talk about “the path to purchase” or “the consumer journey.” But due to the diversity of consumer behaviors, preferences, and needs, there is no single path to purchase for any given category. It’s critical for marketers to isolate high-value purchase paths and focus on those with the largest potential. Download the report to learn more.

Getting Audiences Right

If consumers aren’t applying a one-size-fits-all approach to screen usage, shouldn’t marketers follow suit? Our newest study explores how different generations prefer different screens for different activities and the influence that should have on a brand’s marketing strategy. Download the study to learn how to market to the right generation on the right screen and Get Audiences Right.

Getting Mobile Right

Leveraging mobile to drive brand growth remains a blindspot for many marketers. This study highlights marketers’ key mobile pain points and uncovers insights to help marketers grow their brands through more effective mobile marketing. Download the report now to understand what your brand needs to do to Get Mobile Right.

Getting Digital Right 2014

We believe that digital will punch above its weight when its connection to brand-building is understood. This study uncovers marketing executives’ pain points and reports on what is preventing their teams from achieving marketing nirvana in today’s ever-evolving digital world. Download the report to learn how your brand stacks up and how we can help you Get Digital Right.

AdReaction 2014

AdReaction delivers insights on perceptions of advertising, particularly digital formats. AdReaction 2014 explores multiscreen advertising and consumer receptivity to ads on TV, smartphones, laptops and tablets. Check out the full report to learn more.

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AdReaction: Engaging Gen X, Y and Z [WEBINAR REPLAY (US)]

Generation Z who have grown up with a smartphone in their hand are now on the cusp of adulthood. Marketers will need to adapt quickly to the values and attitudes of this group to engage with them and remain relevant. In this webinar, we dove into the U.S.-specific data from our recent AdReaction: Engaging Gen… View ArticleView Article

Media & Digital Predictions 2017 [WEBINAR REPLAY]

In our latest annual report, Media & Digital Predictions 2017, we examine the trends likely to influence the industry, insights into why they are occurring, and the implications they have for marketers. This year’s Predictions covers topics including: Gen Z, content marketing, programmatic targeting, ad blocking, and media synergies. If you missed the webinar, or… View ArticleView Article

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