Lessons from the Rio 2016 Olympics

Insights into generational consumption & marketing impact

For marketers, large brands invested significantly in a variety of Olympic-focused initiatives and creative as they looked to benefit from the games. Estimates indicate that global Olympic sponsorships cost marketers upwards of $200 million. In return, the Rio 2016 Olympic Games offered extensive reach, cross-platform touchpoints and alignment to the rare, yet universal, “feel good” emotions the games tend to bring.

This report, based on an extensive survey of U.S. consumers, evaluates generational consumption of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games and examines the impact of Olympic marketing in terms of both ad spend and creative best practices.

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Key Findings

  • -Brand purpose and narrative are essential in big event advertising
  • -Strong digital presence accompanying TV advertising extends the life of the campaign (both before and after the event)
  • -Different generational cohorts prefer different qualities and tones of advertising – match the tone and audience
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