The Digital Life of Moms

Moms control approximately $2 trillion in purchasing power in the U.S., so reaching this segment of the population is important to many marketers. Recent research suggests the best place to reach them is online, with more than 70 percent of women with children spending time across digital devices in their daily lives.

Thanks to the annual Connected Life research from our Kantar partner, TNS, we know there are also distinctions between moms with very young children in the home, as compared to those with children between ages 6 –16. And, not surprisingly, both groups tend to over index in key digital and brand engagements when compared to the general U.S. population. In this report, we examine the digital life of moms in the U.S. to better understand how and when to engage this crucial target.

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Key Findings

  • -Both moms of younger children (under 6) and those with older children (6-16) are more likely to have gaming consoles, tablets and fitness bands when compared to the general U.S. population.
  • -Moms with children under 6 are 22% more likely than moms of kids 6-16 to subscribe to an online streaming service such as Netflix or YouTube where they can access educational content for children such as kids songs (and 27% more likely than the overall U.S. population).
  • -Moms with young children tend to be more likely to use a branded mobile app, engage with brands on blogs and participate in Facebook commentary, compared to the moms with older children.
  • -Across product categories, moms with children under 6 generally tend to show more willingness to engage with a brand than those with children 6-16.
Digital Life of Moms