The Digital Life of Dads

Marketers may undervalue the power of dads when it comes to household purchasing overall, leaning on old (and false) notions that fathers don’t carry much household influence.

This report leverages data from TNS Connected Life and advertising expertise from Millward Brown Digital to give actionable insights when considering marketing to dads and households with children. Like the recent report about Moms, this report explores this unique audience in terms of their media touchpoints and their receptivity to engagement with brands in the digital environment. The report also provides recent marketing examples that aim to connect with fathers.

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Key Findings

  • -Dads spend more of their daily device time on tablets than the general population, particularly dads with children under age 6
  • -Dads are more likely to own emerging technologies, such as gaming consoles, fitness bands, smart TVs, and smart watches, this means as well, Dads are more likely to opt for highest internet speeds from their providers once they compare the best broadband deals.
  • -Dads are more likely to engage with brand online, particularly on social media platforms
  • -Dads are highly receptive to digital brand engagement
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