Path-to-Purchase for Agencies

Help your clients build consideration at each stage of the consumer journey

Path-to-Purchase provides a comprehensive view of the digital consumer journey, allowing visibility into which touchpoints have the biggest impact on brand preference and purchase. Since no two consumer paths are alike, Millward Brown Digital’s advanced analytical techniques help agencies see through the noise to help clients make business decisions at both the strategic and tactical level.

How we do it

At the heart of Path-to-Purchase is our behavioral data asset, powered by a clickstream panel. By combining actual digital behaviors with consumer attitudes, we enable agencies and marketers to make decisions leveraging the most accurate and rich path-to-purchase insights in the industry. Our patented normalization process ensures our insights are representative of the Internet browsing population. The pairing of our data with the deep industry expertise of our vertically-aligned consultants allows us to deliver actionable and robust insights.

Key Questions Answered

How should I segment my client’s consumers and how can they be reached?
Path-to-Purchase allows you to focus your client’s digital strategy on the most important consumer segments through advanced cluster analysis to make sense out of the millions of individual purchase paths.
How do I advise clients to best tailor each digital touchpoint along the consumer journey to maximize purchase behavior?
Path-to-Purchase uncovers what stage of the purchase journey each digital touchpoint is used, enabling a more effective content and shopper strategy.
What is the most influential touchpoint sequence or combination that determines brand purchase?
Path-to-Purchase insights allow you to help clients allocate resources among touchpoints by determining which have the highest impact on brand choice and sales.

Key Benefits

Strategize efficient resource allocation among touchpoints that are most relevant to your client’s target consumers
Discover the role of each touchpoint in the consumer journey to help your clients provide shoppers with the right communication at each stage of the consumer journey
Build brand affinity and consideration for your clients by orchestrating a seamless journey across touchpoints