Link™ for Digital

Deep dive evaluation of creative potential

Link for Digital is our most comprehensive solution for copy testing digital creative. With this deep-dive analysis, Link for Digital evaluates your creative executions on measures such as engagement, brand association and motivation. Along with quantitative measures, our analysts provide recommendations for rich creative optimization to ensure your ads are memorable and persuasive. For further context into creative performance, results are benchmarked against industry norms to help shed light on the particular areas where an ad is either succeeding or coming up short before the campaign launches.

How we do it

Our Link for Digital framework employs validated copy testing and neuroscience techniques to help you understand how your ads will likely perform against branding objectives in the digital environment.

Key Questions Answered

Will the ad be remembered?
Engagement measures will assess the campaign’s ability to attract attention and resonate with consumers.
Does the ad communicate my intended message(s)?
Brand Associations measures will confirm whether your creative is linked well to your brand and intended message.
Does it generate interest in my brand?
Motivation measures will test the ad’s strength at prompting the intended response.

Key Benefits

Ensure creative quality is strong enough to have the desired impact in market
Apply deep creative diagnostics to optimize digital ads prior to campaign launch
Identify the potential of your creative(s) to attract attention, involve the consumer and leave a positive brand impression