LinkNow for Digital

Fast, cost-effective digital creative pretesting

LinkNow for Digital is a cost-effective and validated copy testing solution with results available in as little as 6 hours. Built within Millward Brown’s Link™ suite of creative evaluation solutions, LinkNow offers an industry-leading approach to help marketers determine the strength of digital creative, when a fast turnaround is necessary. LinkNow for Digital can be used to determine whether your primary ad is strong enough to run or help you identify which ad is strongest, when you have several to choose from.

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How we do it

LinkNow assesses the potential of online video, display, Facebook and mobile advertising by combining behavioral observation and survey responses. In-context measurement is used where appropriate. LinkNow for Digital is offered as a self-service tool or can be serviced by a Millward Brown analyst.

Key Questions Answered

Can I still pretest my creative with limited time and budget?
Yes! LinkNow for Digital is designed as a low-cost pretesting option with results in as few as 6 hours.
Is my ad strong enough to have an impact in market?
LinkNow provides validated metrics for creative Breakthrough and Persuasion and compares ad performance versus norms across key success metrics.
Which digital creative should I choose?
Working across online video, display, Facebook and mobile advertising formats, you can test several ads to determine your strongest creative.

Key Benefits

Assess online ad strength before campaign launch with same-day results
Reduce wasted production and media spend and maximize in-market performance
Choose from self-serve and serviced options based on your budget and needs