Publisher Impact

Demonstrating publisher impact on the consumer journey

With the rise of programmatic advertising, publishers are increasingly challenged to demonstrate the value of premium inventory. Publisher Impact provides media companies with insights to demonstrate the role of their properties within the broader consumer journey for a category to prove their value and encourage deeper partnerships with advertisers.

How we do it

At the heart of Publisher Impact is our behavioral data asset, powered by a clickstream panel. Applying the most rigorous and robust data practices in the industry, we employ our patented normalization process to ensure our insights are representative of the behaviors of the Internet browsing population. When combined with the deep industry expertise and attitudinal insights, it results in the most accurate and granular consumer and category insights.

Key Questions Answered

How can I demonstrate the value of my property or product to my advertisers?
Identify the impact of your properties or products on consumer behavior by examining the paths of consumers who performed a KPI (such as made a purchase) within a category.
How does my property or product compare to key competitors?
Analyze how your property or product performs compared to competitors on key performance metrics such as reach, time spent, consumer trust in content and advertising, etc.

Key Benefits

Showcase the importance of your property or product to advertisers
Demonstrate the strengths of your property or product compared to competitors
Prove the value of your digital property beyond reaching the right audiences to increase CPMs for your premium inventory