Leading Brand Indicators

Fuels insights-based actions: inputs into creative brief, inform targeting strategy, pre-campaign optimization of creative & media, and early read of campaign performance

Leading Brand Indicators helps marketers determine the measures of success by fueling insights-based actions.

Leading Brand Indicators provides: inputs into the creative brief, informs targeting strategy, allows for pre-campaign optimization of creative and media and provides an early read of campaign performance.

How we do it

Leading Brand Indicators provides best-in-class insights supported by three pillars: survey & behavioral data, sales linkage, and in-market optimization

Key Questions Answered

What measures are most predictive of sales?
Uncover the metrics that will influence sales through early read of campaign performance.

What is the optimal messaging for the brand's campaign?
Understand the attributes and metrics to anchor concept development and messaging.
Which attributes should be used to maintain share vs. steal share?
Identify the most effective media and creative elements for pre-campaign optimization.

Key Benefits

Discover metrics that influence sales

Optimize media and creative elements

Maximize targeting efficiency