Audience Insights

Get a better view of your digital audience

Audience Insights is a dynamic audience verification and measurement platform that offers marketers a more precise understanding of their campaign’s exposure. Going beyond typical reach and frequency measures, Audience Insights provides superior audience demographics such as income, race, education, employment, marital status and presence of children. Marketers can also quantify viewability and explore a multidimensional view of their audience through socialgraphics, buyergraphics, and advanced consumer behavioral data.

How we do it

Overcoming common limitations found in legacy reporting tools, audience insights uses proprietary technology to measure a consumer’s entire digital footprint across locations and devices to determine true reach and frequency. Audience Insights uniquely quantifies individuals reached by a digital campaign, without relying on commonly-used techniques like cookies or device-metered solutions, to collect impression data.

Key Questions Answered

What can I learn about my digital audience?
Audience Insights answers the detailed who, when, and where of your campaign’s reach, as well as how this audience is evolving over time.
What portion of my campaign is viewable?
Audience Insights uses proprietary techniques to evaluate your media plan’s ability to deliver viewable impressions, as defined by the MRC.
Which site placements allow me to reach purchasers of my brand?
By linking ad exposure to actual sales data, Audience Insights can incorporate buyergraphics data for added depth into campaign reach.

Key Benefits

Understand more about your campaign’s audience than ever before
Audit media purchases and optimize live campaigns in real-time to ensure optimal delivery
Make data-driven decisions about future campaign targeting efforts