Brand Lift Insights for TV

Advance your TV ad measurement with passive exposure data, powered by Samba TV

For over 15 years, marketers have turned to Kantar Millward Brown to objectively evaluate the branding impact of their advertising campaigns. With over 15,000 campaigns tested, Brand Lift Insights is the industry standard for measuring advertising impact on brand metrics such as awareness, favorability and intent.

Brand Lift Insights for TV, powered by Samba TV, provides rich insights for key media and creative decisions. Fueled by Kantar Millward Brown's Ignite Network®, the solution brings our established approach to linear TV measurement, providing marketers with the same level of precision and granularity in TV advertising effectiveness that is available for digital.

How we do it

Kantar Millward Brown's Ignite Network® panel - comprised of 8 million PC and 3 million mobile users - is now matched with Samba TV's 13.5 million smart TV and connected device households to create a single-source TV exposure dataset. Linking passive exposure data with claimed exposure (opportunity-to-see) at the individual level create a new standard for TV advertising effectiveness measurement.

Key Questions Answered

Is my advertising changing consumer perceptions of my brand?
Campaigns are tested against desired brand attributes and traditional brand metrics – including brand awareness, message association, brand favorability and purchase intent.

What are the most and least effective elements of my ad campaign?
Clients can optimize campaigns by the performance of different factors such as creative, networks, programs and dayparts to help drive future success.
How can I understand my campaign's performance?
Identify the most receptive audiences and benchmark TV campaigns against competitors.

Key Benefits

Most precise, scalable and privacy-compliant passive TV dataset

Single-source verified exposure for more accurate results

Industry-standard control/exposure method