Consumer Behavior Insights for Offline Behavior

Understand how advertising influences offline consumer behavior using geolocation technology

For many brands, a key advertising objective can be to drive consumers to a physical location, like a retail store or car dealership. Until now, it has been difficult to link this downstream behavior to a specific ad exposure. For campaigns with this objective, it's critical to have the most accurate tools to measure the ROI of these offline behaviors.

This solution allows you to evaluate your campaign's ability to move downstream behaviors at a particular point of interest, assess changes in visitation rate, frequency and time spent, and diagnose media and creative drivers of increased foot traffic.

How we do it

Consumer Behavior Insights for Offline Behavior leverages premium geolocation data from Cuebiq to help you understand the effect your advertising has on driving creases in critical consumer behaviors. It bridges the online and offline worlds to give you actionable insights into consumers' real-world behaviors after advertising exposure.

Key Questions Answered

How can I understand the impact of advertising on traffic to physical locations?
Understand how advertising affects total visits and visitation rate

How does my campaign impact time spent at physical locations?
Realize the net effect your campaign has on time spent in locations of interest
How can I ensure I'm running the best creative to drive physical store traffic?
Uncover which creatives are more effective at driving visitation.

Key Benefits

Actual, not stated, offline behavioral data in a proven control/exposed methodology

Largest source of accurate location data

Compliant with FTC Privacy Guidelines