Find your campaign’s optimal media mix

CrossMedia helps marketers evaluate the aggregate exposure, effectiveness and efficiency of their 360-degree marketing programs while also isolating the impact of individual channels on their brand. Looking beyond just paid advertising such as TV, print, online and mobile, CrossMedia also considers the role of non-traditional touch points — sponsorship, events, PR, word of mouth, social media and retail-based activities — as part of a campaign’s overall effect. With CrossMedia, marketers obtain actionable insights needed to drive brand lift and boost efficiency with their multimedia campaigns.

How we do it

CrossMedia uses an online survey-based methodology to measure media impact within a multimedia campaign. Our analysts will recommend one of two complementary methods based on specific campaign contexts.  Cell-based approach is ideal for campaigns that include just a few platforms, while modeling is preferred for marketers using a more complex mix of communications channels.

Key Questions Answered

How well did the campaign’s media mix work?
CrossMedia allows you to see how specific platforms performed and assess how each worked in combination to drive key brand metrics.
Which channels were most cost efficient in delivering brand impact?
Insights from CrossMedia reveal the relative cost efficiency of your media channels in meeting different brand objectives.
How would my campaign have performed with different spend?
Advanced simulators enable you to explore efficiency and budget reallocations.

Key Benefits

Evaluate the individual and synergistic effects of your media channels
Test and optimize the media mix for your specific brand and target audience
Increase ROI through data-driven media and channel investments