Sales Insights

Measure the ROI of digital marketing campaigns

Sales Insights empowers marketers with a coveted story of how their digital campaigns contribute to top line sales, both online and off. By combining ad exposure with purchase behavior, Sales Insights reveals an online campaign’s impact, through which clients can quickly understand whether campaign investments are delivering against ROI goals.

How we do it

Sales Insights works by matching respondents exposed to the advertising against aggregated purchase information to identify sales lift. Using proprietary methods and established relationships with leading data providers, Millward Brown Digital helps marketers across all industries identify the best ROI approach for their precise needs, campaign size, brand and budget. We’re working with the best in the business — Crossix, IHS Automotive (driven by Polk), IRI, Kantar Shopcom, and Oracle Data Cloud — and growing our partnerships every day.

Key Questions Answered

Are consumers driven to purchase after seeing my advertising?
Sales Insights uncovers your campaign’s ability to drive incremental sales, yield new or maintain existing consumers, and shift buying frequency and volume.
What is the total ROI of my campaign investments?
When combined with other effectiveness solutions such as Audience, Brand Lift and Consumer Behavior Insights, measurable returns are available for a complete view of ROI.
Which offline sales data provider should I work with?
Our analysts will help you figure out how to navigate the various options and partners available.

Key Benefits

Bridge online ad exposure to consumer purchase data
Quantify your marketing campaign’s contribution to sales for ROI measurement
Access industry-specific solutions and leading data providers through one central point of contact