Consumer Behavior Insights

Understand how digital advertising influences consumer behavior

Compelling advertising not only influences our attitudes towards a brand, but ideally triggers future actions. Consumer Behavior Insights reveals how consumers interact with a brand online – in terms of viewthrough, search activity and site visitation – after they’re exposed to digital ads. By measuring online behaviors alongside attitudes, marketers can quantify how shifts in brand lift lead to actual changes in these lower-funnel activities.

How we do it

Using an industry-leading behavioral panel and a control/exposed research design, Consumer Behavior Insights offers clients a superior level of analytics that ad server data cannot deliver. Measurement of observed consumer behaviors allows marketers to gain richer and more reliable insights that were previously impossible to achieve through survey measurement alone.

Key Questions Answered

Did my campaign elicit changes in online behavior?
Consumer Behavior Insights quantifies your campaign’s success in generating desired post-view behaviors.
What do consumers do online after exposure to my advertising?
Findings will break down the subsequent actions taken by consumers after exposure, including: site visitation, product research, conversion/KPI metrics, and search activity.
Was my campaign more successful than others at driving online behaviors?
Our normative dataset enables you to compare your impact scores against a competitive set for a deep understanding of brand and category strengths and weaknesses.

Key Benefits

Quantify the influence of digital advertising on online consumer behavior
Measure behaviors for campaigns of all sizes with robust panel
Leverage actual, not stated, consumer behavior for richer and more reliable insights