Digital Brand Lift Insights

Maximize advertising impact on brand perceptions

As Millward Brown Digital’s flagship solution, Brand Lift Insights has been helping clients objectively evaluate the branding impact of their digital campaigns for over 15 years. Working across desktop, mobile, tablet and social media, Brand Lift Insights provides critical metrics to quantify changes in consumers’ awareness and opinions of a brand as a result of advertising. Delivery ranges from real-time data designed to help optimize campaigns in-flight to deeper, in-market evaluations of brand impact.

How we do it

Using a survey-based approach and control/exposed research design, Brand Lift Insights measures the difference in attitudes between two groups of consumers – those who saw the advertising and those who did not – to determine the effects of advertising exposure. Brand Lift Insights offers best-in-class data and a real-time dashboard powered by the Ignite Network, our award-winning brand marketing analytics platform.

Key Questions Answered

Is my digital advertising changing consumer perceptions of my brand?
Digital campaigns are tested against desired brand attributes and traditional brand metrics – including brand awareness, message association, brand favorability and purchase intent.
What are the most and least effective elements of my digital campaign?
Clients can optimize campaigns by the performance of different factors such as creative formats, creative themes, sites and frequency to help drive future success.
How does my advertising contribute to long-term brand equity?
Online research can be mapped back to key brand drivers from Millward Brown’s Meaningfully Different Framework to show how your campaign is affecting your brand in the long term.

Key Benefits

Optimize campaigns in real time for maximum brand impact
Benchmark campaign performance against the industry’s largest normative database
Plan more effective and efficient digital branding campaigns with expert insights