Survey Platform

Self-service access to our advanced survey engine

When you need to drive your own research, Millward Brown Digital offers a self-service survey engine that provides the most robust, inventive and advanced capabilities available. Designed by researchers, this platform combines best practices in survey-based research and sound technology to help you achieve your goals quickly, independently and with confidence. With research, it’s important to get the basics right. That’s why our surveys include capabilities that are standard for most successful surveys, such as group question rotation, skip patterns, selective presentation and piping as well as access to more than 20 unique question types.

How we do it

This patented research engine is available so you can work faster and manage your own timeframe, delivering top quality results to your clients and internal stakeholders. Not only is this a powerful tool, but also a seamless experience from start to finish. Every stage of the process, from survey development through data collection and reporting, was designed with ease and excellence in mind.

Key Questions Answered

Who should use Millward Brown Digital’s survey platform?
Our platform is readily accessible and designed to fit a wide variety of research needs, from the individual researcher to large enterprises. Marketers, agencies, researchers and analysts alike rely on the Millward Brown Digital survey platform to make informed business decisions based on survey feedback from customers, prospects and employees.
What kind of support is available?
Before you begin, we provide a detailed platform manual and live training sessions to help you navigate the platform. We offer an outstanding customer support team available via phone, live chat and email. You are also given access to a complete library of question types to guide you in your survey development.
Is the platform secure?
Rest assured, our survey platform adheres to industry research and privacy standards to ensure maxi¬mum protection of all client data and transactions.

Key Benefits

Optimize the user experience with dynamic surveys for desktop or mobile device
Customize survey templates with your branding
Access results in real time with customizable charting and exporting options