Campaign Insights

Evaluate media effectiveness

Kantar Millward Brown's Campaign Insights provides information on your segments and creative before a campaign goes into market.

How we do it

We work with you to identify segments to be tested, then intersect your targets with our Ignite(R) panel on the DSP to create custom segments. We then launch a small campaign targeted to those segments, surveying panelists based on exposure.

Key Questions Answered

Does the media target meet behavioral and demographic specifications?
We help identify target segments and provide information on those segments before a campaign goes to market.
Which media segments are most effective increasing brand's target KPIs?
Before your campaign goes live, we help you understand which segments will generate results against metrics that matter.
How can the brand optimize their media to maximize brand effectiveness prior to campaign launch?

Campaign Insights allows marketers to understand media and creative effectiveness against identified target segments.

Key Benefits

Ensure media effectively optimizes opportunities with target segments

Maximize media and creative executions before a campaign launches

Understand how target segments impact KPIs