A few weeks ago we announced the launch of our study, “The New Mobile Mantra,” where we concluded that neither the mobile app nor the mobile browser is more important to the consumer’s mobile experience; rather, both play a vital, distinct role in the consumer journey.

To look into this it is important to break out shopping activities by their stage in the consumer journey – research, purchase, and servicing –because consumers approach each task differently. Some companies find themselves using online onboarding forms which could assist them with insight into their customers’ experience.

Let’s use online banking as an example. When conducting researching activities such as searching for information about different banks on their smartphones, the majority of consumers prefer to use the browser. When conducting servicing activities such as checking account balances, consumers overwhelmingly prefer to use apps.

mobile browser

This is something we see across industries as well. Research and purchase activities are guided by brand commitment: when heavy research with many brand comparisons are needed, consumers tend to use the browser. When shopping for a new online bank, consumers often need to compare among many brands, and it doesn’t make sense for them to download an app for each financial brand they want to research before they become a customer.

Meanwhile, once consumers are locked into a specific bank, they will often use the app for brand engagement. At this point they only need one app to perform all of their banking activities – so the app becomes more convenient.

Understanding the interplay between mobile apps and browsers is critical for marketers looking to acquire and engage the mobile consumer. Ultimately, the answer to cracking that code comes down to the task at hand.

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